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Widows Dating Coach

Helping Widows Find True Love –
One Step at a Time

It’s not easy to think about dating again after your spouse’s death.

Barbara Kenyon

Widows Dating Coach

I know that fact so well, because I also was widowed. After going through it myself, and coaching hundreds of other widows and widowers, I’m here to say you CAN have love again.

You can find the kind of relationship that’s right for you. And you can do it safely and joyfully!

I’ll be honest: It takes some work to do this in a healthy way, but if you are reading this page, my guess is you’re ready enough to take the first step.

You DO deserve a life with love. Learning to love again is one of the best ways I know to take control of your life and design your own happiness.

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What if Finding True Love Again is Possible?

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You’ve Been Through a Lot. Do You Really Have What It Takes to Date Again?

Widows face unique obstacles to love. The first steps are understanding where you are, and then creating a plan.


Barbara Helps Widows Gently Navigate Daunting Dating Challenges

With perspective earned from coaching hundreds of widows, she smooths the way and stays with you through every step.


Proven Process: Love Yourself, Find Clarity, and Open Up to Possibilities!

You’ll gain confidence, discover how to find good prospects, learn to handle dates with ease, and set priorities for your future.


Read more about my story and your path to love HERE.

“My life was shattered in every way from the sudden death of my husband of twenty-nine wonderful years. I hired Barbara because she also had been widowed and understood exactly what I was going through. Barbara helped me to accept my new normal and move forward in all areas of my life. With her coaching I have grown exponentially, and have even courageously begun dating again. Barbara has been a true lifeline to my recovery.”

Jodi Emrick, Broker Associate, Premier Sotheby’s International Realty

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Give yourself the beautiful gift of living in love again!