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Widows Dating Coach

Helping Widows Find True Love –
One Step at a Time

Dating Is a Challenge for Most People.

For widows it can be monumental!

You’ve been through many challenges since your husband’s death. At first you probably felt the weight of disbelief and overwhelming sadness. Depending on the nature of your relationship and the cause of his death, you also may have felt guilt or relief. No matter what the circumstances, there is no doubt in my mind that this unexpected event made you step back from life and forced you to face the unknown.

You may have gone through a period when you resolved to live alone forever – either because you couldn’t imagine anyone as wonderful as your deceased partner or (let’s be honest, for some of you) because, although you were brokenhearted, the relationship had been difficult and you didn’t want to go through that again.

Now some time has gone by. You’ve dealt with the logistics of being alone. You know you’ll never be the same, but you get up every morning and fight the good fight. You’ve found a rhythm you can live with. But something is missing.


The Things You Miss About Love …


You miss touch and affection. You remember how great it was to come home every night to your special person. You wish you still had someone to share the fun of life, laugh with you about your latest mistake, trust you with their secrets, and hold you when you’re sad. You long to feel appreciated and loved.

In other words, loneliness has crept in. Life seems to lack color. You know you’d be fine on your own, but suddenly you don’t want to just be fine. You are once again willing to put up with potential disruptions to your routine if you can just have a built-in dinner-and-movie partner; someone to hold your hand and stand beside you through thick and thin.

You miss love and companionship – even physical intimacy. And that’s not surprising. It’s human. Love is an excellent way to experience the pleasures of life!


You have begun to think about finding somebody new. Not to replace your spouse, but to help you enjoy life again in the deepest way. The problem is that your feelings create barriers …

Do I really deserve to love again? Or have I already had my quota?

I know better, but it sometimes feels like I would be disloyal if I met somebody new.

Am I too old to date?

How can I protect my finances?

What will my family think?

And the dating world! You’ve heard horror stories …

How do I find good people to date? Are they all taken?

How can I possibly maneuver through dating websites?

How will I handle the stress of first dates?

And then there’s … intimacy … with someone else for the first time!

You feel as though you’re a teenager again as you consider the reality of dating. But, you’re not a teenager anymore. You’re a seasoned, confident, professional person. You know yourself well – and you’re willing to dig deeper to learn what you need to know about dating. But everything about it seems different than it was years ago.

You don’t want to give up … but you don’t know where to start.

I Help Widows
Work Their Way
Back to Love


My Story

I do understand how you’re probably feeling about dating at this challenging point in your life. I was an educated, professional, life-loving woman when my husband died. My world came crashing down. I had pictured Dick and myself growing old together … and I had to face that the dream would never come to be. I can’t describe how deeply broken my heart felt, and how scared I was. (But I’ll bet you can imagine.)

I learned to overcome the challenges of widowhood through counseling and with the support of friends, family, and other widows. I learned to take good care of myself and work through my bad days. Ultimately, I took the leap into dating again. Five years later I married my new husband Allan.


Certified Coaching for Widows  Who Want to Date

Then I began helping other widows and widowers do the same.  With a background in counseling, countless hours of coach training, several professional coaching certifications under my belt, and many hundreds of coaching sessions with clients, I now focus on helping women overcome the obstacles and find love again after widowhood. It’s my specialty, and it brings me tremendous joy.

Over the years, I forged a proven, step-by-step process I follow with each of my clients, using coaching best practices and drawing on my own experiences to understand what they are going through on a deep level, and then guide them.

Take the First Step and See What Happens!

And now … here YOU are. I hope my website has appeared just when you needed it. Do you feel a sense of readiness to follow this path where it leads you? Are you tired of being alone? Do you want somebody wonderful? Do you want to enjoy the feeling of being valued, special, safe, and loved?

It’s not hard to take the first step … and that step will lead to others, one at a time. I can tell you from experience this is the best way to do it: step-by-step.

Six Months to Love:

Dating Coaching for Widows

The Widows Dating Coach Process

After decades of coaching widows, I have learned that it’s important to devote adequate time for self-reflection and the inner work needed to successfully change the direction of your life.

For that reason, my dating program for widows incorporates a six-month process. It ensures you will find greater happiness. I can’t guarantee you will find the new love of your life within that time frame – but I can guarantee you will set the stage and gain the tools you need to make it happen.

  • We’ll begin by examining where you are now and gaining clarity. We will explore your previous relationships – what worked and what didn’t.
  • I will help you find peace with the past, learn to love yourself for who you are today, and feel confident about moving on.
  • I’ll use a proven process to help you discover how to set priorities and boundaries – and ensure you have what’s needed to find a healthy relationship.
  • The process includes understanding what is keeping you – or could keep you – from moving forward.


Finally, we will work together on a plan for you to reach out and embrace all the joys of dating.  When you encounter challenges, I’ll be right there to help you analyze and respond in a way that’s comfortable for you.  You may find your special person during our six month coaching process.  At the very least, you’ll possess many important tools to help you ready yourself for the day that person appears.

One Easy Step to Begin Your Search for Love …

It all begins with a free Breakthrough Call. During our call, you get to know me and I help you immediately get a taste of how it all works. If you decide you want to proceed, over the course of six months we will explore all aspects of love and dating with coaching customized to your needs – and I’ll hold your hand through it all.

You’ll learn how to date smart and safe.

You’ll discover how to find the best dating partners. I assure you, they ARE out there!

Confidence and self-love will be your new fuel for change.

With grace and ease, you’ll honor your spouse’s memory, as you open up to love again.

It’s easy to begin. Your call is one simple step, and you have nothing to lose. Even if you decide not to pursue the six-month process, I promise you will receive genuine value from our call. At the very least, you will know without a doubt you are a vibrant, confident person who deserves to live with love.

Contact Barbara Kenyon today to schedule your FREE 30-minute Breakthrough Call.

Give yourself the beautiful gift of living in love again!